Chris LesniewskiElder

Christopher Lesniewski was born and raised in the Baltimore / Washington DC area.  At 17 years old, Chris met Rachael, his wife to be.  While attending church together, Chris surrendered his life to Christ when he was 20 years old.  After graduating from the University of Maryland with his undergraduate degree, Chris and Rachael were married October 21st, 2000.  Chris and Rachael have 4 children: Anna, Haley, Cameron and Joshua.  Chris and Rachael moved to the Augusta area in June of 2014.

Chris was installed as an elder at Redemption Church in 2016.  Chris has served the church as a children’s Sunday School Teacher, assisting in the facilitation of short term mission trips and leading a Missional Community group.  Chris enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, a good meal with loved ones and being outside under a shady tree enjoying what God has created.

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