Give with Dwolla

Dwolla is an innovative way to send money. Dwolla has no interchange fees which means 100% of your giving goes directly to the ministries of our church.

If You Already Have a Dwolla Account:

  • Type in your account information and select how often you would like to tithe. You can select weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly in any amount.
  • Click continue and confirm the donation. This contribution will be automatically sent to the church at the frequency you select! Funds will come directly from your bank account.
  • Your contribution can be changed, or removed at any time.

If You Do Not Have a Dwolla Account:

  • Sign up for Dwolla at:
  • Link Dwolla to your bank account.
  • Once this is complete. Follow the steps above!

Have questions? Please email or call 1-888-289-8744

All of your donations are confidential and tax deductible.

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