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“Church can be so much more than just worship on Sunday mornings and meeting weekly for Bible study. ”

“Serving with Redemption Church has been an awesome opportunity...This is somewhere I have really grown and love being a part of.”

“The community I’ve found at Redemption is one of my favorite things about being here. No matter your background or upbringing, we’re all just working toward loving Jesus more and sharing his unconditional love with those around us.”

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Jesus loves and cares for you deeply.

Sadly, though the church is meant to share Jesus with everyone, it has often misrepresented Him and caused many to distrust the church and become skeptical of Jesus. At Redemption Church we are striving together to know the real Jesus and make Him known.

We aren’t there yet, we’re certainly not perfect, but we believe that we can be honest about our failures, sins, and weaknesses because the good news of Jesus redeems it all for the good of us and others. Actually, it is in these places that we often experience the love and grace of Jesus most vividly which equips us to love others in the same way.

We love our city and seek to serve our neighbors for the good of all who live here. Most of all, we want you to know that Jesus loves and values you, that we do too, and that you’re invited into the family of God.

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It can be difficult for us to see things from God’s perspective, which can leave us feeling frustrated. With the book of Habakkuk our heavenly Father hoists us upon His shoulders to see beyond our own ability. Things may often look bad from our perspective, but when we can see the bigger picture of what God is doing we find joy and strength to persevere even in our troubles.

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