Sermon Notes – 1 Timothy 4:1-16

Read  1 Timothy 4:1-16

Donald Whitney puts it this way; “Although the Holy Spirit produces the desire for godliness – progress in godliness isn’t automatic…… The Spirit motivates and enables us to train ourselves, but He doesn’t do the training for us. The practical, day-by-day obedience to Paul’s command here is our Spirit-empowered responsibility.”

Here’s the thing about spiritual disciplines – they are meant to enact change over the long haul.

I think it’s fairly common for us to want our faith experience to just be easy – to experience some moment in time or event – to have a “mystical” experience that changes everything.

So the idea of practicing spiritual disciplines doesn’t really always seem satisfying because it requires something of us, it takes our effort, and it takes our effort together – striving together for the faith.

It probably doesn’t sound glamorous, but yet that training in the gospel is necessary for godliness…

And growing in godliness prepares us so that when we encounter the obstacle of false teaching, silly myths, or anything that would call us to worship that which is created rather than the Creator.

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