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Nothing Is Impossible

Current Series

When we retell the Christmas story year after year, we focus on the unexpected details of it all. Mary, a virgin, is the one told she will bear the Son of God. Elizabeth, too, conceives a child despite her old age and barrenness. Jesus enters the world as a baby, born in a lowly stable. Angels proclaim his birth to shepherds in the fields. Wise men bring gifts meant for a king, only to find a child.

The fulfillment of God’s long prophesy to save his people comes in a way that none of us could have predicted, a story full of the seemingly impossible. And yet, these details underscore the even greater narrative that He has made possible: Our God is truly with us. He knows us, works among us, and has come to reconcile all things to himself.

It is as Gabriel told Mary, “Nothing is impossible with God.”


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