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Good News of Great Joy – Christmas in Colossians

This Christmas we want to be reminded not only of when Christ was first born on earth, but that Christ is the “image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation” (Col. 1:15). God’s heart for us is revealed in Christ in that He also became the “firstborn from the dead” (Col. 1:18) to ransom and reconcile us for Himself. Through Christ we have been freed from death and delivered into a life “fully pleasing to Him” (Col. 1:10). But what does that look like?

This is an invitation to step away from the hullabaloo that Christmas has become, and remember this Good News of Great Joy; Christ has come, and Christ will come again. As we remember, we anticipate His return, and we consider Paul’s charge to make “the best use of the time” (Col. 4:5).

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