Resources for Advent 2017

Have you planned how you’ll spend time celebrating the good news of Jesus this Advent season? We want to help you engage this season intentionally, before it slips away. Over the next several [...]


Baptismal Identity

This Sunday in my message on The Great Commission I commented on what it means to be baptized into the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This video from Saturate does a good job [...]


Some Practice in Listening

Over the last several weeks we have published a series of blogs pushing us to lean into tension together and asking that we begin by practicing our listening skills. About a month ago I attended [...]


Get Perspective

This is the third installment in a series of blogs meant to push us toward leaning into the Holy Spirit and engaging areas of tension. Check out the first two posts here: Lean into the Tension by [...]


Spotlight: Gospel Fluency

Our vision at Redemption Church is to lead people to Jesus who lead people to Jesus, which is another way of saying that we want to make disciples who make disciples. We have seen people saved, [...]


The Hidden Battle

In his last blog post dealing with tension, Ben stated the following: “The idea shouldn’t be to make the tension disappear but to learn how to harness its generated power and aim it together [...]


3 Requests for Lent

As we continue through Matthew’s Gospel on Sunday mornings during this season of Lent, we will actually be looking in on the final days before the death and resurrection of Christ. Our hope is [...]


Lent at Redemption Church

We haven’t historically put a lot of emphasis on observing Lent at Redemption Church, but as we have been preaching through Matthew’s Gospel on Sunday mornings we have been turning our eyes very [...]


Spotlight: The Doris Building

The historic and beautiful Doris Building is home not only to the Redemption Church family, but also serves as a bridge to the local community as an event facility that the public can access for [...]

Lean Into the Tension

I was at a conference a couple of years ago where the speaker, Reggie Joiner, gave out rubber bands to everybody in attendance. When he stepped on stage he instructed the audience to the throw [...]

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