Introduction to the New Sermon Series: Jesus is Better > The Book of Hebrews

This morning we began a new sermon series we’ve titled Jesus is Better – The Book of Hebrews.

You can catch the replay here.

Sermon notes:

We’re naming this series “Jesus is better,” because He is…

God is not who the serpent would have us believe. He is not hiding something from us. In fact, He made everyone and everything in order to make Himself known.

He sent His Son into the world to die for our sins. In that alone we see so much of what He is like.

And Jesus rose again…

And all our big questions about what God is like and what His intentions are –
those questions that stem from confusion and suspicion…

Jesus is the Answer to them all.

That is what we will unfold throughout our time in Hebrews. It’s pretty deep and wide and dense, but it is packed with the good news that Jesus is the Answer from eternity past and into eternity future…

Jesus is better.

He is greater than angels.
Greater than Moses
Greater than the priests, and the temple, and the law.

We’ll see that His oath is better than any commitment we could make or break.

And His Word is better than whatever the enemy could speak – better than whatever we would speak for ourselves.