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Amos - Let Justice Roll

Current Series

It can be hard to recognize the brokenness in our hearts when we have the privilege of prosperity and comfort. How we use our privilege (wealth, socioeconomic status, race, religion, or anything else) to protect ourselves or bless others speaks volumes about what we believe about the God we say we worship. In a time when Israel was enjoying prosperity and rest from their enemies, such as the Assyrians, they fell into a pattern of sin and idolatry that led them to grossly elevate the rich and powerful through the oppression of the poor and weak. Their acts of worship became meaningless as they replaced God’s priests and prophets with those of Baalism. So God sent Amos to prophecy of God’s coming judgement toward Israel and to call for a repentance that would lead to God honoring worship, holiness, and justice. His preaching exposes the idolatry of the people’s hearts by pointing to the fruit of their behavior. In what ways are we also blind to our own sinfulness and idolatry? What kind of fruit are we bearing? How is our worship of God benefitting the people we live amongst and the city we dwell in?

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