Redemption Kids

It is our joy to partner with you in ministry as we seek to raise a generation that is passionate about Christ and His mission to reach people both locally and globally.

At Redemption Church, we believe that Jesus and the Gospel transforms all of life. We believe that the parent is the primary influencer in the lives of their kids. We desire to see your kids trust Christ for salvation, walk in obedience, and grow in their love of the gospel. We want to come alongside you in every phase of life and resource you with tools you can use in discipling your kids.

6 Months - 3 Years
3 Years - Kindergarten
1st - 5th Grades

The curriculum we are using is The Gospel Project. It offers several ways to help you carry each Sunday’s lesson into the week with your children.  We offer kids take-home sheets outside of each classroom which include the session’s memory verse (called the “key passage”).

A mobile app from The Gospel Project is available on the App Store with every lesson video, memory verse, games designed to reinforce what they’re learning, the songs they’re singing, etc. The app enables normal rhythms of life (running errands, carpooling, etc.) to invest yourself further into their worlds while also investing in their spiritual development. Available for iOS and Android.

If you would like more information, email… If you would like to volunteer to serve in Redemption Kids, we invite you to click here and fill out this form.

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