Summer 2023 Missional Community Calendar

Emphasis: Doing Things Jesus Does

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5/6:  Serving at the Augusta Handmade Fair

5/7-5/13:  MC Summer Calendar/Planning

5/14-5/20:  Reframe #8

5/21-5/27:  Reframe #9

5/28-6/3: MC Optional: Memorial Day Weekend

6/4-6/10:  Reframe #10 + Church Work Day (June 10)

6/11-6/17:  Reframe Debrief

6/18-6/24: Sermon Discussion/Prayer

6/25-7/1: Sermon Discussion/Prayer

7/8:  Dinner for Ten

7/15: Dinner for Ten

7/22:  Dinner for Ten

8/5: Church Lake Day

8/13: Baby Dedications

8/20: Members Meeting (4pm)

8/20-8/26:  MC Parties

8/27-9/2:  MC Fall Calendar/Planning


We believe that the story of Scripture is relevant to all of our life: our jobs, our responsibilities, our relationships, and our world. But the truth is that many of us experience a frustrating and confusing disconnect between the story of Scripture and the story of our own lives. Throughout the Spring and Summer we are intentionally making space for our Missional Communities to journey through the “Reframe Course”, an interactive 10-session course that explores how we connect Jesus with the complexity of our own stories, vocations, and culture.

Part 1 (Spring): The Story We Find Ourselves In: Sessions 1-2 introduce Reframe and our cultural context.

Part 2 (Spring): The Story of Scripture: Sessions 3-7 focus on knowing the biblical story and how it reframes our perspective of God and ourselves.

Part 3 (Summer): The Ongoing Story: Sessions 8-10 focus on how God calls us to respond to the biblical story in the midst of our own stories and invite us to be ambassadors to the culture around us.

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