Sermon Notes: John 3:22-36

Sermon notes 👇

It is entirely feasible that we may concede that God is the source of all things…and at the same time believe that we are the focus of all things.

Not to John? though. To John the Baptist, Jesus is both the source and center of all things.

Jesus must increase. I must decrease.

To John, the important role that he was given – the last and greatest of the prophets pointing to Jesus – that role wasn’t the reward. Jesus was the reward. Jesus was the focus of it all.

We would be remiss to walk away from this passage this morning without hearing a call to have Jesus increase among us, and for us to decrease.

It’s not about us, it’s about Jesus.

If we want to be a church that makes the real Jesus known then we have to live and think and behave in a way where Jesus is the center and focus of it all.

And that starts not with our trying and doing better. That starts with our acknowledgment that all we have come from Jesus, and that we desperately need Jesus.