Leaders Guide – Summer in Psalms: Lesson Five

Catch Up 10-15 min

“Rose, Thorn, Bud”: Do this in whatever way makes most sense for your group (around the table,

in the living room, porch, formal, informal, it’s up to you).. What’s important is to make a space for meaningful connection.

Rose: something positive that happened this last week?

Thorn: something challenging that happened this week?

Bud: something you are looking forward to

Scripture & Discussion 15-35 min

1. Read Psalm 40  (individually or aloud.) Encourage people to jot down some key ideas from the passage.

2. Give the group a minute or so to review their notes and identify one or two parts of the passage that stood out to them.

3. Discuss (you may not hit all of these in each scripture- that’s ok – lean in/remember the workshop)

a. Who is God?

b. What has God done?

c. Who are we in light of that?

d. How should I live in light of that?

Prayer: 5-10 min

Take time to intentionally pray for one another (don’t skimp on this part)

Quick Encouragement 1 min

Encourage the group to continue participating in their scripture reading and memorization