Practice 5: Workshop Debrief


During our workshop, we spent time practicing giving our anxieties to Christ. Today we’re going to spend a bit of time praying, reading the Bible, practicing, debriefing the workshop, and speaking into the lives of one another.


Begin with prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your time together.

Open the Scripture

Have somebody read the following texts:

• Romans 12:2

• Psalm 56:3-4

• Matthew 11:28-30

What does Scripture say we can do with our fears and anxieties?


Spend a few minutes responding to the following prompt.

I am not ____________________________ — I am ___________________________ (Ex. “I am not the sum of my feelings or emotions — I am beloved by God”)


1. What was your experience at the workshop, would you share something that you noticed?

2. In what ways might you return to the practice from the workshop if and when anxieties reappear?

3. Throughout the week did you do anything that reminded you of your identity in Christ?

4. How can we encourage one another as a community?

Make a Plan

Next week we’ll be practicing as DNA’s instead of a large MC gathering. Before you leave, find 1-2 other people to meet with and schedule a time to meet. A DNA guide will be posted online.