Spring 2023 Practices


1/29-2/4: Practice 1: The Reframing Story

ReFrame aims to help you live out faith in everyday life, encouraging you to encounter Jesus afresh and allowing his story to shape your own. This first session explores how a fragmented and complex world can tempt Christians to either withdraw from or assimilate to the culture around them. However, the true story of Jesus enables Christians to resist these temptations and live integrated and faithful lives.


2/5-2/11:  Practice 2: Cultural Stories

As Christians, the story of Scripture and the person of Jesus shape the whole of who we are. Still, we often experience tensions within our culture that provide alternate answers to this question. We are told we must choose who we want to be rather than receive our identity as a gift given by God. This session discusses some of the ways our culture shapes us and why this so often leads to a crisis of identity.
2/26-3/4: Practice 3: Creation & Fall

This session starts at the beginning with the account of the creation and fall. Genesis tells us why God created the world and humanity and his purposes for both. God’s creation was good, but this goodness was catastrophically marred through the fall. Nevertheless, as image-bearers of God, we are called to cultivate this original goodness in our relationships with God, others, and creation.


3/5-3/11:  Practice 4: Israel’s Calling

This session focuses on God’s faithfulness to the people of Israel and how Israel’s story is part of our family history as Christians. The story of Israel helps us see how our faith makes a difference in a complex and messy world. We learn that God calls ordinary people to trust him and blesses them so they might be a blessing to others. God is with us in our failures and our faithfulness, and he continues to work through us to redeem this broken world.


3/19-3/25: Practice 5: Jesus is King

This session focuses on Jesus Christ as the climax of the story and the fulfillment of all the Old Testament scriptures. He is the true image of God, the true Israelite, who redeems humanity through his person, work, and words. Jesus is both Saviour and Lord, and his redemptive work affects everything. This gives meaning to all of life and culture, including our ordinary activities. The gospel is therefore more than personal salvation; it is the invitation to participate in a renewed life for a renewed world.


4/16-4/22:  Practice 6: New Heavens & New Earth

This session looks at how God promises to transform all of creation in the new heavens and new earth through the resurrection of Christ. As citizens of this promise, Christians are called to live as a sign, a holy foretaste of this final act of redemption.


4/30-5/6: Practice 7: The Church & The Spirit

How do we enter into the story? In this final session about the Scriptural story we see how God gives the Holy Spirit to empower the church at Pentecost. It is not enough to simply know the story; we must also livethe story. The Holy Spirit empowers us to participate in the story and God’s work of redemption in the world.



Spring 2023 Missional Community Calendar

Emphasis: Becoming Like Jesus

Week of:page1image2052603872

1/1-1/7:  No MC Gathering (New Years)

1/8-1/14:  Hangout + Dinner

1/15-1/21: Spring Calendaring + Hangout

1/22-1/28:  Church Wide Annual Family Dinner (No MC Gathering)

1/29-2/4: Practice 1: The Reframing Story

2/5-2/11:  Practice 2: Cultural Stories

2/12-2/18:  MC Super Bowl Parties

2/19-2/25: MC Optional (President’s Day)

2/26-3/4: Practice 3: Creation & Fall

3/5-3/11:  Practice 4: Israel’s Calling

3/12-3/18: Recreation/Outing

3/19-3/25: Practice 5: Jesus is King

3/26-4/1: Dinner + Hangout

4/2-4/8: MC Off (Masters Week)

4/9-4/15:  MC Optional (Easter)

4/16-4/22:  Practice 6: New Heavens & New Earth

4/23-4/29: Hangout + Dinner

4/30-5/6: Practice 7: The Church & The Spirit (5/6 Handmade Fair)

PRACTICE WEEKS: Weeks labeled “Practice” Will consist of video-driven discussion and a take-home prompt. Some groups arrange childcare for these weeks. This Spring each group will be going through “Reframe”:  (1) The Reframing Story; (2) Cultural Stories; (3) Creation & Fall; (4) Israel’s Calling;

MC OPTIONAL WEEKS: Typically groups will work together at the beginning of a season to determine which of the “Optional” dates makes sense for their group.

Communal Bible Reading // April 11-15

Our Communal Bible Reading Plan provides 5 days of readings to help guide you into some intentional time with Jesus throughout the week. .

May this communal practice be a blessing to us all!

Join us by downloading this week’s Communal Bible Readings below.



Resources to Help You Listen, Recognize, Pray, & Act


Children’s Books




Other Resources

Check back as we will be adding to these resources in the coming weeks.

Resources for Lent

Lent begins this Wednesday, February 26th. Lent is a 40 day period of fasting, prayer and devotion towards remembering our brokenness and God’s work of redemption through the person and work of Jesus Christ. We want to help you to enter into this season together prayerfully by providing a few recommended resources that can help guide you through the season.


Living Through Dying: A Six Week Community Guide Through Lent -​ Brad Watson

In Living Through Dying you will read the Psalms, discuss the themes of Lent, and practice the spiritual disciplines of fasting, confession, praise, and lament as a community. Each week your community will be looking to Jesus, looking inwardly at his or her own heart, and looking outwardly in what it means to live in light of the gospel. This is an opportunity to re-center your community on the gospel of Jesus.

God is on the Cross: Reflections on Lent and Easter​ – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“​These forty stirring devotions​ will guide and inspire readers as they move thematically through the weeks of Lent and Easter, encountering themes of prayerful reflection, self-denial, temptation, suffering, and the meaning of the cross. Passages from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s letters and sermons provide special encouragement as readers prepare themselves spiritually for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Supplemented by an informative introduction to Bonhoeffer’s life and a Scripture passage for each day of the season, these daily devotions are moving reminders of the true gift of Christ on the cross.”

 Lenten Devotionals – Redeemer Presbyterian Church

“In 2011 Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York published ​40 Lenten Devotions​ written by a variety of authors including Kathy Keller. Due to popular demand over successive years, RPC has continued to make the devotions available to help their people ‘prepare their hearts for Easter.”

This devotional material is available through the ​You Version Bible app.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Lent Guide – Sally Lloyd-Jones

This guide includes:

  • A Letter to Friends (big and little) from Sally
  • A paper chain reading plan template, counting the 40 days of Lent
  • A reading plan calendar, with a corresponding chapter from The Jesus Storybook Bible to read each day
  • Coloring pages from the Jesus Storybook Bible Coloring Book, illustrated by Jago