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John 18:1-27
March 17, 2024

John 18:1-27

Passage: John 18:1-27
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Sermon notes 👇

What part of Jesus as Lord and Savior are you willing to believe?
What parts do you struggle with?

John 18:1-27 has to do with Jesus’s arrest, but there is another story intertwined with it, and it is that of Peter denying Jesus 3 times…just as Jesus foretold.

As these two scenarios are contrasted, we are guided to recognize and confront some of our own areas of disbelief.

In the Gospel of John, we’ve seen 7 times where Jesus has claimed particular things about who He is, using “I AM” language…

I Am the Bread of Life (6:35)
I Am the Light of the World (8:12)
I Am the Gate for the Sheep (10:7)
I Am the Good Shepherd (10:11)
I Am the Resurrection (11:25)
I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (14:6)
I Am the True Vine (15:1)

And there are 6 other times where Jesus simply uses this language of “I Am” to identify Himself….

And this passage we see the 7th time, and it is sort of this culmination…

In John 17, Jesus just prayed this prayer that we now know as the High Priestly Prayer…where He clearly identified Himself as God Himself…

Then He responds to those who have come to arrest Him saying…”I Am He”...essentially uttering this name of God to identify Himself as the Jesus whom they seek.

Jesus identifies Himself as “I Am.”

Peter rejects being identified with Jesus, denying Him, using the language of “I am not.”

Ironically, Peter’s denial of Jesus also held the confession he needed to believe - a confession John the Baptist made in the first chapter of the Gospel of John - “I am not the Christ.”

Jesus is strong and able and holds all power, He cannot lose it. We are completely weak and unable without Him.

When are you going to put your trust in Him entirely?

When will we find our confidence in Him, even when it seems dangerous to us?

That’s our prayer and our confession this morning, turning Peter’s denial into John the Baptist’s confession…

I am not the Christ. Jesus is.