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John 21:1-25
April 21, 2024

John 21:1-25

Passage: John 21:1-25
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As we end John’s Gospel, we ask on question: What now?

What do we do with it?

What we need most is to see that discipleship, this following Jesus, this being sent in the Holy Spirit…

It is not something that we can use our cultural measures of success and failure to understand.

It is not like choosing a career path.

This life found in Christ alone is not all about focusing on your work, or about figuring out your calling…

It is about seeing who Jesus really is, recognizing Him as Lord, and listening to Him and obeying Him because He has proven faithful and just and good and full of love..

It is about finding, continually, that He brings peace, He brings forgiveness, He brings mercy…

It is about attuning our attention to Him always and following Him…learning to be faithful when you can’t see the end…

Because He says this is life for us.

Doing what He did - Glorifying God by showing others what He is like.

Humbly serving the interest of others before our own…Even laying ourselves down for others…

Whether that means simply helping someone at work,
Tenderly caring for your spouse and children,
Sending flowers when someone is grieving,
Buying groceries for one in need,
Serving in church to teach kids, lead a Bible study, preach a sermon, play music, make coffee, run sound,
Or if it means stepping in the way death for another,

The call is to follow not the measures of the world for a life well lived, but to be faithful where Jesus has you, and to continue to find life in Him day by day, forever, because in Him is life everlasting.