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John 2:13-25
September 3, 2023

John 2:13-25

Passage: John 2:13-25
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Sermon notes👇

…what they came to understand was that Jesus had said and demonstrated Himself to be the new Temple.

He was replacing it.

He was taking place of the sacrifices.

He was replacing the need to build something bigger and better.

He was replacing the stone, and the wood, and the metal objects of the Temple that could never make the living God known.

Jesus was making God known in the flesh.

He was doing what the Temple had only whispered of. He was what it had always pointed to.

Jesus is the latter Temple of Haggai. He is better than any Temple that was ever built by hands.

The Temple had never restored a right relationship between God and His people. Not in the sense that they could walk together and talk together like Adam and Eve were able to do with God back in the Garden.

Jesus, the true and better Temple, made a way to know God in the flesh.

He died and rose again after 3 days and purified us so that God could dwell with us…so that the Holy Spirit could indwell us…so that we could know God more fully and worship Him in spirit and in truth.