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John 9
November 12, 2023

John 9

Passage: John 9:1-41
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Sermon notes 👇

In this passage we see Jesus reach into the darkness and offered physical sight to a blind man.

But God doesn’t always bring physical healing. We will still, at times, suffer.

But in those times of suffering the foundation for our hope is not our theology - it’s our Savior. The foundation is the fact that Jesus stepped into the darkness to bring light.

Our hope is not found in understanding why God brings hardship into our lives.

Our hope is not found in the belief that somehow we will tough our way through.

Our hope is not found in our resilience or ingenuity.

Our hope is not found in ideas or things.

Ultimately our hope rests in the faithful and gracious presence of the Lord with us.

And one thing this story certainly teaches us is that Jesus is not afraid of the darkness.