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Our Aim
January 7, 2024

Our Aim

Passage: Philippians 1:27, 1 Timothy 4:7, John 15:4
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Sermon notes 👇

If you hang around Redemption Church long at all, you’ll hear us say this quite a bit -

We are striving together to make the real Jesus known, by being honest about our failures, loving the way He loves, serving the city for the good of all, and inviting everybody into the family of God.

If you visit our website, the first thing you’ll see is that statement, it is in big letters in our lobby, and it is on a bunch of our handouts.

That’s the vision for us.

The Bible is just full of the message that Jesus loves each and every one of us more than we can imagine…

That He came and lived, and died, and rose again to demonstrate His love, to rescue us from ourselves, to redeem and restore all of creation, and to be with us now and forever.

We know that the church has often misrepresented Jesus. We know that this church has misrepresented Jesus.

I have often misrepresented Jesus. You have misrepresented Jesus.

But our aim here is to be found striving together to know the REAL Jesus and make Him known.

That is what we want to be true of us at Redemption Church through and through.

Because we believe that the more that it is true of us, the more we will rightly represent and reflect Jesus, making Him known to others.