Fall 2023 Missional Community Calendar

Emphasis: Being With Jesus

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8/27-9/2:  MC Fall Calendar/Planning

9/3-9/8:  Labor Day Weekend – MC Optional

9/10-9/16:  Lord’s Prayer 1: Big Group

9/17-9/23:  Lord’s Prayer 1: Breakouts

9/24-9/30:  Serving: Ironman (9/24) – MC Optional

10/1-10/7:  Lord’s Prayer 2: Big Group – Men’s Fellowship (10/6)

10/8-10/14:  Lord’s Prayer 2: Breakouts

10/15-10/21:  Lord’s Prayer 3: Big Group

10/22-10/28: Serving: Trick or Treat on Broad Street (10/28) – MC Optional

10/29-11/4: Serving: Augusta Handmade Fair (11/3-11/4) – MC Optional

11/5-11/11: Lord’s Prayer 3: Breakouts

11/12-11/18:  Lord’s Prayer 4: Big Group

11/19-11/25:  Deck the Halls (11/19 4-8pm) – Thanksgiving NO MC Gathering

11/26-12/2:  Lord’s Prayer 4: Breakouts

12/3-12/9:  Advent Sermon Discussions – Advent Begins (12/3).  Ladies Christmas Tea (12/3)

12/10-12/16:  MC Christmas Parties

12/17-12/23:  No MC Gathering

12/24-12/30:  No MC Gathering – Christmas Service (12/24)


Investing in and prioritizing prayer is an essential part of our discipleship to Jesus. Why? Because prayer is the medium through which we commune and communicate with God. This Fall our missional communities will be praying through the Lord’s Prayer together. Weeks in bold are weeks where our missional communities will be hanging out, eating dinner and praying through the Lord’s Prayer together. The only difference between “Big Group” vs. “Breakout” is whether we are praying as a large group or breaking into smaller groups to pray together.

MC OPTIONAL WEEKS Typically groups will work together at the beginning of a season to determine which of the “Optional” dates makes sense for their group.

MC List

Olde Town MC – Meets Tuesdays at 6pm
Vineland MC – Meets Wednesdays at 6pm
Central MC – Meets Sundays at 5:30pm
North Augusta MC – Meets Tuesdays at 5:30pm
Evans MC – Meets Wednesdays at 6pm

*PDF includes MC Location & Contact Info