Church Around The Table – Sermon Notes + Discussion Questions

We tend to have this idea that this thing we do on Sunday is what the church is all about and what it has always been about, but it isn’t.

The people that Jesus gathered and called His friends and commissioned weren’t gathered around a stage – they gathered around a table.

They did the things that we all do everyday in order to survive – and they did them together. Things like eating and drinking and working and so on.

But as they did it, they intentionally made space for others to be cared for, provided for, valued, and shown the great love of God.

My bet is, that for the majority of us who are Christians, if we look back over our own stories of how we have been transformed by the love of Jesus, most of our most impactful moments came through the hospitality of another.

Somebody who shared coffee with you. Somebody who took time to play a round of golf, or some other sport with you. Somebody who invited us into their home, into their circle, and made a place for us at the table.

The way we will make the real Jesus known in our community is by becoming a people who do what Jesus does by focusing less on the church around a stage and practicing becoming the church around the table.”

Questions to consider and discuss:

1. Jesus loves you and humbly laid down His life for you. How does His love free you to love others?

2. What acts of hospitality have you experienced that have revealed the love of Jesus to you? How did they impact you?

3. What are you already doing that could easily be used to love others the way Jesus loves them?

If you missed it you can watch the service here: